Adapted Attraction

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Adapted Attraction

Child learning to button his own shirt.


Ahhhh… February, as we turn the calendar to this month, everyone’s mind starts thinking about the laws of attraction. Am I connecting with my partner? Are they connecting with me? Will I find a new attraction? Well, let me tell you about something that has a very powerful attraction, MAGNETS (didn’t think the article was headed this way did you?)




Yes, magnets are attracted to one another and now they are showing up in some really interesting places that may make your life a whole lot easier, clothing. Now why is an occupational therapist talking about magnets in clothing? Because, in my practice with children and young adults I have had to teach them how to button. Some are skilled and catch on quickly, others require a lot of practice, and then there are some due to issues with fine motor control, decreased dexterity, lack of strength, that they are just unable to acquire the skill. One population this affects are the young adults who are on the autistic spectrum. They are starting to go out into the workforce, and want to dress professionally. They also want to be as independent as possible and not have someone assist them in dressing activities. As OT’s, we want to promote independence and if for whatever reason a skill can’t be done traditionally then we look for an adaptation.


So how do magnets help in shirt buttoning? I’m glad you asked. By using magnets and their powers of attraction, they can be sewn into the shirt, behind the buttons and voila, the shirt is closed and it looks like it is buttoned. Now this low tech technology has been around for awhile a company by the name of MagnaReady Ⓡ has been making this shirt but you had to buy them online. Now, Van Heusen is making magnetic button shirts and they are readily available in retail stores. I feel this is tremendous because now it is easier to buy, you can try them on and see what works for you. These shirts are perfect for anyone who has difficulty with buttons or even just a little lazy. There is a whole world of adaptive clothing out there that is becoming more mainstream and really will benefit lots of people.

Would you like to hear more about adaptive clothing? I can be reached at gershon@potsot.com


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