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Keep your children active this summer season by using pool time for exercise. It’s fun, motivating, and a great way to stay fit. Join your child and make exercising fun for the whole family.





Water provides natural resistance, making it an excellent medium for building muscle strength and tone. It is effective as a cardiovascular workout, without placing stress on your body’s joints.

Aerobic activities with fun equipment

  • Water Relays:
    • Walk across the pool with huge monster steps
    • Walk backwards
    • Sideways shuffle around the perimeter of the pool
  • Pool Noodle games:
    • “Jump” rope forwards and backwards
    • Straddle the noodle like a horse, and race to the other side of the pool
    • Hold one noodle in each hand parallel to your body to create a “motorboat.” Turn it on by kicking with your legs
  • Kickboards:
    • Kick hard across the pool while resting chest and arms on the kickboard
    • On your back, hold the kickboard with both hands and flutter
  • Aquajoggers:
    • “Jog” in the pool (body vertical in the water) with your legs, while pulling the water towards you with alternating hands
    • Jog while holding a noodle above your head like a rainbow
    • While vertical in the water, hold a water barbell in each hand and do jumping jacks

Safety Tips

  • Be sure that your child can touch the bottom of the pool comfortable to stand up for a break when necessary
  • Use sun block liberally and re-apply regularly
  • Drink lots of water. Although your child is in the water, he/she will still need to drink frequently
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