Growing up with ADHD

Friday, December 12th, 2014


As an occupational therapist who works with children suffering from ADHD, my take-away from this comprehensive article is:

1. Research demonstrates that ADHD indeed exists and is not a new 21st century invention.

2.While many a plethora of drugs can impact on children’s behavior in the short term, parenting techniques are more critical for long-term success

What’s missing from the article is a comprehensive discussion of non drug-based therapies and activities available to children and parents. Occupational therapists analyze the sensory triggers children respond to and help diminish their power to distract by modifying the threshed for sensation and providing the child, parent and teacher with strategies to minimize its impact.  Using the structure of a “sensory diet”, a collection of activities and adaptations to help children navigate their daily activities, in conjunction with each child’s unique schedule and daily demands. they implement organizational strategies, recommend after-school activities  to provide the sensory input the child is seeking in socially acceptable ways, and teach calming techniques that can be used to start the day or at critical junctures throughout the day.




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