Our Facility

At POTS, we provide a broad range of pediatric occupational therapy evaluation and treatment services for infants and children from throughout Bergen County, New Jersey, and surrounding areas within our modern, 2,800 sq ft facility.

Because suspended equipment is such an essential part of sensory integration treatment, POTS has three sensory gyms:  The big room is intended for up to four children and therapists; and the climbing wall room, and the toddler room are usually occupied by an individual child and therapist. In addition, we have two fine motor rooms, one oriented to pre-schoolers and the other to older children; a Medek room for infants and young children, and a kitchen for messy play and feeding.

The Big Room Pediatric Occupational Therapy The Big Room

In the “Big Room,” our suspended equipment system enables us to utilize many different swings, along with bolsters and balls to provide children with a full range of movement experiences to strengthen sensory integration, balance, core stability and gross motor skills. Tire swings, the “magic carpet”, the platform swing and the frog swing, are among our favorites. Platforms, spider webs, huge pillows, a “mountain”, barrels and other large pieces of equipment provide endless opportunities for obstacle courses and challenge movement and motor planning skills at all levels of complexity.

Rock Climbing Room The Climbing Wall Room

The “climbing wall room” boasts 2 climbing walls that challenge children of all ages while bringing smiles to their faces. Combined with a trapeze bar, tire swing, bolsters, big pillows, and other big toys, therapists can design “just the right challenge” to bring your child to the next level. Most of the evaluation sessions take place in this room.

Toddler Room The Toddler Room

A huge ball pit is the cornerstone of the “Toddler Room.” Complete with toys and equipment for toddlers on up, including a “magic carpet” swing, bean boxes, a “kitchen,” and pretend toys, the toddler room is a favorite of the 1 to 4 year old set.

Kitchen Our Kitchen

In the kitchen children engage in messy play with a huge variety of art materials, including paint, glue and of course Play Doh. Water, Funny Foam and bubble play are frequent favorites.  Our kitchen provides a comfortable place for two or three children to play games as well. Food can be used for snacks of course, but also as a medium for learning shapes and letters, and developing fine motor coordination.

Medek Room

Equipped with a specially designed medek table and boxes, the “Medek room” is set up for infants and toddlers to work on achieving major developmental milestones such as head control, sitting and walking.


Even our hallways are used to enhance children’s skills.  The long expanse is ideal for riding scooter boards, using octopads, the all-time favorite Unicorn, balance beams, and for playing ball.

Fine Motor Rooms

Fine motor play, handwriting, keyboarding, and Interactive Metronome often require the quieter, less distracting setting of one of our “fine motor rooms”.  With one room oriented toward pre-schoolers and the older children, multiple needs can be met.