Services and  Therapy


Give Your Kids and Edge provides a fun and safe environment in which your child will improve social skills, develop self-confidence, enhance play skills, gain strength, and increase coordination. The social-skills group, which is rooted in activities meets once a week, led by an experienced Occupational Therapist.

Classes will provide your child with an opportunity to participate in enjoyable group activities focusing on non-competitive cooperative play with age-appropriate gross-motor games, group project fun and more! Underlying sensorimotor skills necessary for success in school and play dates will be targeted. Sensory experiences necessary for the development of gross and fine motor skills and self–regulation will be provided in a way that meets each child’s individual needs.

Social skills, teamwork, and positive reinforcement will be encouraged. Most of all, your child will have fun and feel good!

It is challenging to put together a group of children who will form a productive social skills group. For this reason, we only run groups when we have identified a group of children who will benefit from the group.