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Therapeutic Listening and The Listening Program


Incorporating sound into sensory integration treatment can reinforce many of the goals addressed in occupational therapy. At POTS we frequently prefer Therapeutic Listening®, which uses the organized sound patterns inherent in music to impact all levels of the nervous system.

Auditory intervention combined with sensory integrative activities is effective for many children with sensory challenges. Therapeutic Listening® can impact postural control, sensory modulation, behavior, speech and language difficulties and attention.

The music on the CDs is chosen for the properties inherent in the music and is specially recorded to maximize the therapeutic impact of the music. CDs are selected to address your child’s individual needs, and delivered through headphones recommended specifically for this program. Once the program has been established Listening is usually done twice a day at home. The program is upgraded approximately every two weeks.

For instruction how to implement Therapeutic Listening at home, check the Therapeutic Listening Programming Guide.

For more information about Therapeutic Listening, click here to see Vital Links web site

The Listening Program® can be implemented if warranted. Click here to get more information on the Listening Program