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Parent Workshops

Tips, Grips and Kits for Handwriting

Learn how to get your child’s hands in gear for writing and drawing in a 2-hour hands on seminar for parents of children 3-8 years old. A fabulous toolbox with all materials, a 20+ page manual and a shopping list are included.

Many underlying skills contribute to legible, efficient handwriting, Understanding trunk control, shoulder stability, elbow control, wrist stability and how the hand works are among the topics featured in our Tips, Grips and Kits for Handwriting Workshop. This workshop was designed to help parents recognize why a child has difficulties with handwriting. Use our creative “no tears” approach with fun tools and activities to strengthen and improve finger and hand dexterity.

SI 101

Join us for an opportunity to experience the sensory integration equipment that your child is using, including swings, bolsters, ball, listening programs, Interactive Metronome and manual therapy. Our staff will be on hand to answer your questions in a relaxed friendly environment.

The hands-on session will be followed by an in-depth presentation on the basics of sensory integration, sensory diets, the relationship between sensory processing and the ability to function at home and in school, and how occupational therapy helps. Questions are encouraged!

CPR for Adults, Infants and Children

Take the Red Cross CPR certification course encompassing CPR, rescue breathing and treatment for choking right here at POTS. Practice on mannequins. All materials are included.

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a multisensory prewriting and writing program adopted by numerous school students throughout the country. This workshop will teach you all the basics of handwriting without tears focusing on the use of numerous fun and engaging materials to get your child hooked on handwriting. This neuro-kinesthetic method is particularly helpful in developing good habits for letter formation, siting, spacing, and eliminating reversals.