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Gershon Kravetz, MS OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Our resident high-tech expert Gershon (aka ​Gersh) is a 1999 graduate of Columbia University Programs in Occupational Therapy, and has been part of the POTS team since 2001, giving him veteran status. Among his credits, in 2010, Gershon was a featured presenter at the 34th Annual ASAH Conference and was awarded Provider of the Year in his school district. Gersh specializes in working with preschool and ​school age children who have a range of challenges, including Autistic Spectrum Disorder, multiple handicaps, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Along with extensive experience in sensory integration treatment, Gershon has advanced training in Floortime (DIR/C Level II, Advanced), and is certified in Interactive Metronome (IM), Brain Gym, Handwriting without Tears and Therapeutic Listening.


Gershon has an avid interest in using emerging technology as a tool to benefit his clients, and continuously ​explores the properties of the Wii and iPad to enhance occupational therapy intervention. Gersh's treatment style is​ innovative and creative as he​ develops new and dynamic methods to engage children and boost their skills.  The passion he emits is electric! “I love to play and have fun, and really enjoy seeing kids have fun too. To take an active role in assisting children’s skills to emerge, and watch as they begin to play and find comfort in their own bodies is what I enjoy most about being an OT. Helping the child through play to play is what makes this fun!” A proud father of four children, Gersh’s interests include comic books, fitness, pop culture, computer gadgets and technology.

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