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A Poem for Autism Awareness Month by POTS

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

A girl holding a colorful puzzle piece for autism awareness month

April is the month for autism awareness,

A time to educate and increase our care-ness.

And in occupational therapy, we have a role,

To help children with autism reach their goal.

We start with play, it's the best way,

To build relationships and learn every day.

We might sing a song or throw a ball,

To build trust and have a ball.

We learn skills to help with everyday life,

Like brushing teeth or using a knife.

We practice routines to ease transitions,

And reduce anxiety and improve conditions.

We help children with sensory needs,

To process information and regulate their speeds.

We might use swings or squeezes tight,

To help them feel calm and all right.

In occupational therapy, we see the strengths,

And build on them to go to great lengths.

We help children with autism thrive,

And reach their goals with all their drive.

So let's spread awareness and increase understanding,

And work together for a world so outstanding.

A world that in which every child is encouraged to flower,

And children with autism come into their power.


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