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Floortime is the centerpiece of the Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR) Model developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. The DIR/Floortime approach involves meeting your child at his current developmental level, and building upon his particular set of strengths to help him develop socially and cognitively. Following the child’s lead, tuning in to his/her interests and desires to harness the power of motivation, and tailoring your interactions to the child’s individual differences in sensory reactivity, processing and motor planning are hallmarks of this approach.

“Floortime,” literally involves getting down on the floor to play with your child, but can be carried out any place you find yourself with your child, the grocery store, playground, mall or carpool line. Grandparents, siblings and others involved in the child’s life are encouraged to participate in Floortime training to expand the child’s repertoire.

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