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Enter our facility and every child looks like he/she is having an awesome play date. That is what excellent, effective occupational, speech and physical therapy should look like. Children learn through play (their primary occupation!) and positive experiences that provide “just the right challenge” at just the right time. We know we have struck the right balance when our young clients ask when they can sign up their siblings to play at POTS.


The Big Room

In the Big Room, our state-of-the-art suspension system enables us to utilize many different swings,  bolsters and therapy balls to provide children with a full range of movement experiences to strengthen sensory integration, balance, core stability and gross motor skills. Tire swings, the “magic carpet”, the platform swing and the frog swing, are among our favorites. Climbing walls covering three walls of the gym, zip lines, platforms, a spider web, huge pillows, and other large pieces of equipment provide endless opportunities for obstacle courses to challenge sense of body position in space, movement and motor planning skills at all levels of complexity. The Big Room is also the perfect venue for several pairs of children and therapists to collaborate or compete with each other to boost social skills.

Our loft, accessible by stairs and slide, offers a smooth transition to fine motor play. Underneath is a hideaway, perfect for working on visual perception skills, or taking a break.

The Climbing Wall Room

The “climbing wall room” boasts two climbing walls that challenge children of all ages while bringing smiles to their faces. Combined with a trapeze bar, tire swing, bolsters, big pillows, and other equipment, therapists can design the perfect challenge to bring your child to the next level. Whiteboards and blackboards are placed strategically, so that we can incorporate writing and drawing into gross motor activities.  Most evaluation sessions take place here.

The Ball Pit Room

A huge ball pit is the cornerstone of the Ball Pit Room. Designed for toddlers and preschoolers, it boasts a “magic carpet” swing, squeeze machine, bean boxes, a pretend kitchen and tool bench, and toys that stimulate creative play.  While the ‘ball pit room” is popular among the 1 to 5 year old set, plenty of older children and teens can be seen diving for treasure underneath the balls!


Messy play, board games, eating and oral motor skills are the mainstay of the kitchen. Art supplies, including paint, glue, Duct tape and Shrinky Dinks are often incorporated into sessions to strengthen fine motor, sequencing and executive function skills. Play Doh, water, Funny Foam and bubble play are frequent favorites. 


The POTS kitchen provides a comfortable place for two or three children to play board games together to bolster social skills, along with other skills. Food can be used for snacks, but also as a medium for learning shapes and letters, and developing fine motor coordination when combined with pipe cleaners, Zoo Sticks and strawberry pickers! The kitchen is also our go-to destination for oral sensorimotor intervention, feeding and utensil use.

Medek Room

Equipped with a specially designed Medek table and boxes, the Medek room hosts infants and toddlers working on achieving major developmental milestones such as head control, sitting, standing  and walking.

With a large mirror and a table for four, it does double duty as our SOS feeding room.


Even our hallways are used to enhance children’s skills.  The long expanse is ideal for riding scooter boards, horses, and the all-time favorite Unicorn, using octopods, playing  Zoom Ball and hockey, and traversing balance beams.

Fine Motor Room

A cozy room, large enough for one child and therapist, the “fine motor room” is ideal for developing skills that benefit from a quieter, less distracting environment.  Replete with seating options, markers, grips and slant boards, manipulative skills,  handwriting, keyboarding, and self-care skills such as dressing, buttoning and shoelace tying are often addressed in the Fine Motor Room.  

Media Room

Technology driven programs are housed in the media room. Children practice Yoga for Kids, work on the Wii in creative ways and train on Interactive Metronome.

Waiting Room

Our bright, friendly waiting room is a happening place for parents and children. Children can play in the loft with toys, read or do homework. Magnatiles is the current go-to game! Resources such as books, POTS infographics, and our latest blog posts are updated weekly.  Parents can go online using our free Wi-Fi, read to their children or make invaluable connections with other parents. If you are looking for different toys and art supplies, please ask our office manager and she will be happy to help.

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