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Can't get to our offices for therapy?

No worries; we can bring occupational, physical, speech and feeding therapy to your home through video conferencing sessions. 



What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to medical services provided over a technology platform.


Why Telehealth?

Telehealth was originally developed to bring much-needed healthcare services to underserved or rural populations, enabling patients to receive care when they might not otherwise be able to. Today's busy two-parent working families may only be able to avail themselves of therapy through telehealth.

But even for patients who can access care, telehealth has its place in today's mobile, on-demand world. Telehealth is convenient, time-saving, and allows progress to continue unabated when kids and families are on vacation or quarantined and can't get to our office.

Research demonstrates that telehealth is effective. A huge benefit of telehealth is that it empowers parents to use the resources they have at home to help their child make progress by implementing therapeutic strategies in the environment in which their children need to thrive.


Will my health information be protected?

We chose as our telehealth provider to provide a HIPPA compliant virtual video therapy platform to facilitate the quality of treatment you expect from POTS. It's as easy as accepting an invitation online and clicking on the session button.


How do I get started?

Once you sign up we will provide you with guidelines and recommendations for materials to have on hand in order to ensure the effectiveness of each session. During the first session, we'll take a tour of your child's play spaces, toys, and supplies so we can maximize their use before we recommend new ones. We'll decide together which goals are best addressed in video sessions.

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