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We want to help! 🌟 If you have any questions bout your child's development or would like to know more about which type of therapy your child would benefit from contact us to  schedule your free consult! 

POTS: Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

Why choose us

Over 25 years of experience

Since 1991 our  team of therapists has helped hundreds of children move, play and grow

Creative & Innovative

The most cutting edge techniques are a cornerstone of our approach to therapy

Passionate about progress

Each POTS therapist is committed to empowering your child to maximize his/her potential

 Family centered approach

Parent-friendly hours, sensory gym, school or in-home sessions, workshops and curated reading materials for parents

Collaborative & Supportive

We team with the important people in your child's life to set goals, and provide the tools he/she needs to succeed

State of the art facility

3 sensory gyms, fine motor areas, a Medek room, kitchen, hallways designed for action and a pool in the neighborhood


POTS was tremendously helpful to my boy-girl twins in their development of fine and gross motor skills.  I had occasion to reach back out to Chaye and wanted to let her know how much my kids are thriving as freshmen in high school now, both are avid sports players, including dance, cheer, soccer and lacrosse.  Thank you POTS!​

- Grateful Parent


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