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Ariela Sara Lamm Warburg, MA OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Aqua Therapist

With over 10 happy years of pediatric occupational therapy experience, Ariela has worked with clients in pediatric settings that include intensive care and neonatal intensive care units, outpatient hospital care, and school and home-based environments. Committed to life-long learning, Ariela has advanced training in sensory integration, DIR/Floortime, Therapeutic use of the Ball, yoga for children, NDT-based baby treatment, NICU interventions and aquatic therapy. Ariela earned her BA In Occupational Therapy from Hebrew University in Israel in 2010 and her MA in occupational therapy at NYU in 2012.


As the daughter of an occupational therapist (the founder and director of POTS) growing up with a sensory gym in her basement, Ariela has been surrounded by pediatric occupational therapy her entire life. Now, as a mother of two, she brings a particular sensitivity, along with an occupational therapist’s savvy for solutions, to many parenting challenges.


With background in ballet and rock climbing, Ariela understands the joy and confidence to be gained from unimpeded movement. She delights in helping children of all ages enhance their strength, sensorimotor skills, social-emotional skills and self-regulation through movement.


Ariela is passionate about occupational therapy and has an ever-expanding list of hobbies and interests that inform and enrich her therapy. Her latest collection includes aromatherapy, dance, volleyball, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles and all things arts and crafts. In her spare time, she can also be found designing epic “floor-is-hot-lava” obstacle courses and Lego creations with her children.

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