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Asia Salas, COTA

Asia Salas, a native of New York City, embarked on a remarkable journey that seamlessly blended her love for the performing arts, her dedication to health and wellness, and her unwavering commitment to helping others. Her multifaceted background encompasses a vibrant career in vocal music, specializing in classical and jazz genres before she discovered her true calling in the field of occupational therapy. 


During her formative years, Asia immersed herself in the mesmerizing world of music, honing her vocal talents and captivating audiences with her enchanting performances. As she transitioned into college, a newfound passion for health and wellness took hold, prompting her to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from William Paterson University. While working at a rehabilitation hospital she experienced the transformative power of occupational therapy to make a meaningful impact in children's lives and set on a path to become a certified occupational therapy assistant.


Beyond her rewarding career, Asia has also excelled in the realm of physical fitness, having worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. In her cherished moments of leisure, she continues to sing, weightlift, dance, and spend quality time with her family. Asia’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of following one's passions and utilizing one's talents to create a brighter future for those in need.

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