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Dr. Chaye Lamm Warburg, DPS OTR/L 

Director of POTS

Dr. Chaye Lamm Warburg earned her doctorate in occupational therapy from New York University in 2010 and is currently a lab instructor in the Master’s degree program in occupational therapy at NYU. She has been a practicing occupational therapist since 1976, focusing on pediatrics for most of her career. In 1991 Chaye founded Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services, LLC (POTS), a private occupational therapy practice that is committed to providing children and families with cutting-edge treatment to empower each child to maximize his/her potential. The POTS team is her pride and joy.

In 1976 Chaye received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and four years later earned her Master’s degree in Motor Learning from Columbia University’s Teachers College. During that time she published an article in a peer reviewed journal on rhythmicity and motor coordination which she followed up in her doctoral work at NYU. In 1999 Chaye became Board Certified in Pediatric Occupational Therapy (BCP). In the 1990’s, as an associate professor in occupational therapy, Chaye taught the pediatrics courses at her alma mater for 3 years, and happily, several of her students joined her at POTS. Chaye holds many certifications including: Sensory Integration & Praxis Tests (SIPT), Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, The Listening Program and MEDEK. She lectures extensively to audiences of teachers, parents and therapists at universities, schools, pre-schools and in other forums, and hosts workshops for parents and professionals at POTS.

As the head of a waterfront for many years, Chaye is certified as a Red Cross Lifeguarding and CPR Instructor and a Water Safety Instructor Trainer. Combining her experience with children with special needs in and out of the water and advanced coursework in Aqua therapy, she launched an Aqua OT program at POTS to provide OT in the water, and swimming lessons for children with special needs.

In an effort to make relevant information easily accessible to busy parents, teachers and therapy colleagues, she shares up to date information on the POTS blog, and posts content daily on the POTS Facebook page. She has recently begun to dabble in designing Webinars.

Chaye values being part of a team, with the child, parents and others significant in the child’s life. She will never be too old to play on the floor and help the children she works with discover the joy of experiencing success. “I am passionate about treating the whole child. I never tire of the detective work involved in figuring out just what drives each child’s behavior, and helping each child find his/her area of strength.” Chaye has five children, one who is an occupational therapist at POTS. In her free time Chaye is an avid quilter, needle pointer and knitter, and is responsible for much of the artwork in the office. She has been a head lifeguard, swimming and CPR instructor in a summer camp for more years than she is willing to acknowledge.

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