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Handwriting Club

Are your child’s handwriting skills holding them back?

Join our 6-week fun-filled Handwriting Club to give kids a jump start prior to the school year. 

These days, most classroom teachers can’t spend as much time as they’d like helping kids with their handwriting. The goal of the POTS Handwriting Club is to fill that gap by providing a foundation for legible handwriting using a multi-sensory approach including core, upper body and hand strength, dexterity, and eye-hand coordination.

Skills addressed:

  • Posture, core and upper body strength

  • Pencil grasp

  • Writing utensils

  • Handwriting basics: Letter formation, sizing and spacing

  • Optimal seating position

Classes will incorporate:

  • Gross motor activities to strengthen the core and upper body

  • Sensory activities to prepare little bodies to sit and attend

  • Art activities incorporating writing concepts and fine motor skills

  • Direct instruction, including hands-on activities, songs, and engaging materials

  • Recommendations for writing position, writing utensils, activities to support writing and handwriting practice 

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