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11 Toys to Buy for the Hypersensitive or Autistic Child

Updated: Mar 9

Marble fidget toys hypersensitive children

1. Marble Fidget in Mesh Sleeve: The marble fidget has calming, mesmerizing effects that encourage focus, calm, and improved mood. Keep little fingers busy to stop nail picking and biting.


Tangle junior - Toys for Autistic Child

2. Tangle Junior: Develop spatial awareness by twisting and turning the pieces to create many interesting shapes, while keeping little hands engaged. Well-tolerated by kids who are hypersensitive to touch.


Fidget pencil toppers toys autistic child

3. Fidget Pencil Toppers: A quiet non-distracting tool that can be kept on every child's desk for discreet fidgeting and calming, to open children up for learning.


Koosh Balls Hypersensitive or Autistic Children

4. Koosh Balls: Koosh balls have been used for many years to promote calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase focus and attention. A favorite for children who are calmed by soft textures.


Squigs Toys to Buy for the Hypersensitive or Autistic Child

5. Squigz: These toys encourage can be used by kids of all ages to encourage creativity, and experimentation, build motor skills and encourage problem-solving.


Crazy Aarons Toys for Autistic Child

6. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty: This is a great firm putty for kids who are hypersensitive to touch for calming and for strengthening the hands and fingers. Put little toys in it to provide tactile exploration and encourages fine motor skill development.


Weighted lizard Toys to Buy for the Hypersensitive

7. Weighted Lizard: The heft of this weighted stuffed animal provides comforting deep touch pressure for calming and organization.


Crash Pad Toys to Buy for the Hypersensitive or Autistic Child

8. Wipeable Crash Pad: The crash pad can be used as a soft landing zone for kids who crave sensory input, and provides a safe place for kids to calm down and relax. Requires parental supervision.


Toys to Buy for the Hypersensitive or Autistic Child

9. Lycra Swing Seat: The stretchy swing provides a solid bottom with an inflatable compartment while enveloping your child to provide proprioceptive input through the lycra and vestibular input through the swinging motion to develop body awareness and promote self-regulation.


Noise canceling headphone for the Hypersensitive or Autistic Child

10. Noise-Canceling Headphones: It is perfectly suited for kids with autism or sensory issues who are hypersensitive to or easily distracted by sound. The noise reduction helps with sensory overload to help kids remain well-regulated.


Sensory tent - Toys to Buy for the Autistic Child

11. Sensory Tent: This sensory tent is perfect when your child needs a space to play or to retreat when the world is just too much. Ideal for children with special needs.


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