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4 Reasons to do Occupational Therapy in the Pool

Updated: 4 days ago

boy with goggles swimming in the pool using floaties

Aquatic therapy taps into the unique properties of the water to improve coordination, strength, endurance, body awareness, motor planning, and social participation to boost your kids' land-based skills.

Who can benefit from Aquatic Therapy?

Sensory input through the weight of the water provides deep touch pressure to the whole body to improve self-regulation, body awareness, and motor planning, and decrease tactile hypersensitivity. 

Water is a gravity-neutral environment allowing the freedom of movement and sensory input that they may not experience in any other environment. 

The resistance provided by the weight of the water builds strength, coordination, and body awareness to support motor planning and gross and fine motor skills. 

Aquatic therapy provides safety training in and around the water, basic skills to stay afloat and move comfortably through the water, and sensorimotor input to build strength, coordination, and motor planning skills. 

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