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Summer — The Perfect Time for an Occupational Therapy Intensive

Updated: Jun 26

a 4 year old girl playing with an occupational therapist

It’s SUMMER! Now is an ideal time to benefit from intensive therapy without the pressures of school. Our expert therapists can help your child reach their next milestone, reinforce skills, and prepare for the upcoming school year

What Is Intensive Occupational Therapy?

Intensive occupational therapy refers to frequent and concentrated therapeutic sessions that occur within a short window of time. Research shows that condensing months of customized therapy into a few weeks has a powerful impact on progress.

Why Choose Intensive Therapy?

  1. Accelerated Progress: Intensive therapy requires frequent and repeated focus,  helping your child reach goals faster. 

  2. Customized Care: After an evaluation and consultation, we create a personalized plan that ensures the best possible treatment for your child. 

  3. Flexibility: Intensive sessions can jump-start progress for new clients, and give returning patients a focused “tune-up,” helping families to make significant strides during summer or winter break.

  4. Parental Involvement: Family training gives parents the tools they need to support their child's progress at home, making sure the benefits of therapy continue into everyday life.

What Therapeutic Approaches Might Intensives Include?

  • Sensory Integration

  • Customized Sensory Diets

  • Reflex Integration

  • Therapeutic Listening

  • Medek/DMI. This can be a stand-alone program ideally 45 minutes twice a day for 3-5 days/week

Flexible Scheduling Options

  1. Four-Week Intensive (with special pricing):

  • 3+ sessions per week

  • Ideal for a substantial boost before school starts, or to make significant progress towards a developmental milestone.

  1. Weekly Intensive Sessions:

  • 3-4 sessions per week: Monday – Thursday for 1 or 2 weeks

  • Perfect for families with intermittent summer plans.

Invest in your child’s growth with our intensive therapy sessions. Take advantage of the summer - Enroll today to help your child make great progress and gain essential skills!


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