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Popsicle Lights: Chanukah Crafts for Kids

If you are planning to do this project with more than two children at a time a child who has difficulty with sequencing and organization , I suggest that you prepare a sample in advance so that they can see what the final product will look like.

To make this adorable menorah at home, all you need are natural or colored small craft sticks, glue, and paint/markers if desired. Pour some glue onto a plate so it will be easier to adhere the sides of the Popsicle sticks. Trace the flames out of foam, and have your child cut them out.

To construct the dreidel, glue 7 Popsicle sticks together to make the body. Do your best to line them up evenly side by side. Next, one Popsicle stick across the top and one across the bottom. Then, take 2 more sticks and glue then in a “v” shape at the bottom of the dreidel. Last, glue 2 more sticks together side-by-side and then glue them to the top of the dreidel to serve as the spinner.

Once the glue has dried, your child can choose to color, paint, or decorate the dreidel.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try the Popsicle stick menorah as well.

Blog written by Aviva  Goldwasser, MS, OTR & Chaye Lamm Warburg, DPS, Director of POTS

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