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Spring into Sensorimotor Play

1. Create your own sensory pathway outdoors, or for a rainy day! Motor planning, sequencing, problem solving, and gross motor skills are addressed in this activity that taps your child’s creativity and imagination.Jump in zig zags, around a line-up of toys, balance on one foot while picking up a stuffed animal, tumble or log roll on a yoga mat or rug, hop scotch on pillows (1, 2, 1, 2 pattern), Create your pathway as your kiddo imagines!

2. Sharpen your child's tactile abilities and make it fun! Stereognosis is the ability to identify an object using just your tactile senses.Choose a bunch of household items such as a pen, coin, rubberband, hair brush, and more. To make it a spring theme and include a flower, blade of grass, acorn, and leaf. Have your child study the objects before placing them into a bag or hat. Ask your child to take out one item without looking and identify it by touch. How'd they do?


3. Get those feet pumping! With the weather getting warmer (fingers crossed), swings will be calling your kiddo's name. Do they have difficulty coordinating their legs to pump? Try using a target such as your hands, a ball, or their jacket to lift their feet towards and encourage improved focus and motivation. Let us know how they do!

4. Spray bottles, watering cans, and hoses make practicing bilateral skills fun and motivating! Use spray bottles to “clean” shaving cream off a toy or “melt” shaving cream monsters off the wall; water your houseplants or garden, or create a letter and number game with chalk on the driveway and spray the correct answer!

5. Rainbow Writing with chalk! Whether your child is in the driveway practicing coloring, drawing, or writing letters tracing over their writing with the colors of the rainbow is both motivating and reinforcing! Make a hopscotch with different shapes, switch those squares up for circles, triangles, hearts, or rectangles.

6. Shadow Drawing, sunshine required: Place paper on the ground and choose a toy to outline. Color or outline the toy’s shadow to create a picture while improving eye-hand coordination, practicing grasping skills, and strengthening the arms through weight bearing.

7. Spring Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of springtime items using words or pictures that your child draws or writes. Go on a scavenger hunt to find the items: Flower, leaf, worm, grass, rocks, acorn, bird seed, etc. Make a sensory bin with dirt and water to work on tactile tolerance and add their new findings!


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