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Valentine Fine Motor Marshmallows

Image from The Decorated Cookie

At POTS we are always looking for fun ways to practice handwriting within the context of a game or daily activity. What better opportunity than Valentine’s Day! This valentine marshmallow snack, from The Decorated Cookie is adorable and can easily be adapted to various skill levels.


  • marshmallows

  • baker’s twine

  • tapestry

  • needle

  • shortening

  • scissors

  • red cardstock

  • stapler

Instructions for marshmallows-on-a-string (to dunk in hot cocoa or tea) can be found here.

Controlling a marker to write on a little marshmallow is a non-threatening way to practice sizing and spacing of letters and words, a skill necessary for legible handwriting. If you make a mistake, just eat it and it disappears! Two hands are required for writing tasks. If the marshmallow is not stabilized by the non-dominant hand, it will run away!


  • Threading twine through a marshmallow is great for challenging fine motor control and visual-motor integration. If it is too difficult for your child, try sticking the marshmallows on lollipop sticks or toothpicks.

  • If your child is not quite ready to write tiny words on a marshmallow, start by writing one letter on each marshmallow. Then line them up to spell a word. For example “L” on one marshmallow, “O” on another, until you spell “LOVE.” Have each letter fill the entire space, to elicit consistent sizing of capital letters.

  • Edible markers can be also be used for lettering on larger surfaces, such as a cookies.

Written by Ariela Warburg, OTR/L

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