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6 Outdoor Activities to Strengthen the Core

Updated: 4 days ago

girl playing outdoors with water splashes

Does your child love to play outdoors?

Get them to play outside and have some fun this summer with these 6 Outdoor Activities to Improve Core Strength and Coordination.

1. Hopscotch

Challenge core and leg strength, jumping, balance, and coordination in a self-paced activity. Start by drawing a hopscotch board for use with 2-feet only. Then add a one square to hop in between.

2. Overhead Monkey Bars

Build a strong core, upper body, and grasp. First, climb across 1 ring, then go back down. Add another ring until you can get across easily. Once you can “walk” with your hands you’re ready to swing from one bar to the next, to challenge timing. 

3. Hula Hoop

Improve core stability, strength, and coordination. It looks easier than it is! Practice the circular motion and timing on your arms. 

4. Jump Rope

The upper body and lower body work together in addition to challenging balance and core strength. Build the skills slowly. Start by jumping over a low stationary rope, then a rope swinging gently back and forth, then over the head, and finally add the arms and challenge timing. 

5. Wheelbarrow Walking

This is great trunk and upper body strengthening activity. Start easy by holding your child at the hips. As she is able to tighten her core and keep her back straight, lower your hands to her thighs. Continue until you’re at the ankles. 

6. Pool Noodle Obstacle Courses

Grab a bunch of pool noodles and create opportunities for crawling under, jumping over, running around, and walking backwards. Turn on the sprinkler to ramp up the fun!

outdoor occupational therapy activities infographic

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