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What’s App Wednesday: MetroTimer

What is it?

MetroTimer (iPhone/iPad app; Free) is a digital metronome. A metronome is used to keep a steady beat and typically used by musicians to help improve rhythm, timing and speed. This metronome can be set to a speed ranging from 40 bpm (beats-per-minute) to 208 bpm. There are eight options of metronome sounds and a flashing light (optional) accompanies the sound of the beat.

What can a metronome help my child achieve?

What are some metronome activities to try?

Pick a specific speed between 40 and 60 bpm. Check with your occupational therapist first to determine what speed is the most appropriate for your child.

Try doing the following activities “to the beat”:

  • Clap both hands

  • Tap your shoulders or knees

  • March in place

  • Hit a target on the wall with one or both hands

  • Hit a target on the floor with one or both feet

To increase the challenge, choose activities that require crossing the midline of the body:

  • “Cross Crawl”: Alternate touching your right hand to your left knee and your left hand to your right knee

  • Hand games such as “Miss Mary Mac.”

  • Sit back to back and pass a ball to each other by rotating from side to side

Get as silly as possible to keep your child engaged and encourage creativity:

  • Stick your tongue out to the beat

  • Make animal noises to the beat

  • Move like different animals

  • Lie on your back and move your feet in the air

Submitted by:  Ariela Warburg Harcsztark, OTR/L

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